• September 17, 2013

QuitNow goes responsive

Over the past few months, the QuitNow website has undergone changes to make the smoking cessation service more engaging, interactive and accessible. Part of the updates included a complete overhaul of the "Dashboard" which is a leading online interface packed with resources and interactive tools to help anyone in British Columbia Quit Smoking for free.

"It was clear from analytics data that responsive integration was needed immediately to accommodate the increased traffic to the site via mobile devices," says Michael Williams, Principal and Project Lead from Smallbox. "We have talked about this at length so it was great to see it happen. With responsive, the site automatically adapts to the amount of available screen space to give viewers the best experience regardless of what device they are on. We are pleased with how the QuitNow site turned out and feedback has been great."

From any device, check out the responsive site launch announcement on QuitNow.ca: "How Your Smartphone Can Help You Quit Smoking (September 9, 2013)."

About QuitNow: QuitNow is operated by the BC Lung Association and is a free resource for British Columbians wanting help to quit smoking or other tobacco products. It helps you create a plan based on your needs to develop strategies to stay tobacco-free.