• September 21, 2016

To encrypt or not to encrypt - Why HTTPS?

It is no secret that there is a big push to encrypt websites. What this means is that a domain would use the https:// protocol instead of http:// to create a secure and encrypted connection between a web server and a web browser.

To date this has been important for websites passing private and sensitive data such as payment processing. Now, encrypted websites are becoming the minimum standard for security on any website and are arguably receiving Search Engine Optimization improvements.

How do you encrypt your website?

Encrypting your site is done by purchasing and installing a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. For small sites this is generally an economical and straightforward process. For larger and complex sites, the process should be managed by skilled personnel due to potential technical issues and SEO risks during and after implementation.

Should you encrypt your site?

While there has been much coverage on the SEO benefits with HTTPS being a ranking signal with Google, it appears to be minimal at present. Security is the number 1 reason to encrypt your site. If you are collecting private data on your site, such as payments or private user data then this is a must. For sites not collecting private or sensitive data it is still becoming a recommended best practice. The positive spinoffs are increased confidence of your website users and an SEO boost.

It's Smallbox opinion that SSL is going to be critical going forward and the future of the web. Everything seems to be heading in that direction and will become an expectation of users visiting your website regardless of size and services offered. Google Chrome will soon start visibly flagging sites that are not HTTPS and the next version of the HTTP protocol, HTTP/2, only supports encrypted connections. In many cases, adding an SSL certificate is an affordable and positive addition to a website and should be seriously considered.

Educate yourself

A starting point is to educate yourself on the topic and there are countless articles on the web. A great article to introduce the topic can be found on the Entrepreneur website. You can also likely connect with your web developer or web host for information and pricing to implement.


Smallbox is here to help

If you think that going secure is a good idea for your Smallbox CMS website then contact us and we can get this in place for you. Smallbox will do the following:

  • purchase an SSL certficate
  • install it on your domain
  • update your site redirects so you don't lose any SEO traction
  • let you know that your site is secure and set for the future

We look forward to hearing from you.