• December 16, 2016

Smallbox servers upgraded to PHP 7

Smallbox has upgraded its servers to PHP 7. This was a lot of work for not much glory. The intent was that nobody would know. So why bother? Better performance, better security, modern syntax options and most importantly now we, and you, are ready for the future.

In December 2015, PHP 7.0 was released which was the first major release since 2004 when PHP 5.0 was released.  PHP is a popular server side scripting language that is suited particularly well to website development. PHP powers anything from a simple blog to some of the most well-known websites in the world.

Shortly after the December 2015 release, Smallbox got to work on a detailed action plan to upgrade its managed servers from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7. The development environment was upgraded first and the programming team went through the entire Smallbox CMS codebase to make sure that everything was compatible from the core software right up through to custom website code. The upgrade then “baked” in the development environment while we continued rigorous quality assurance testing and new development to ensure we were happy with the stability and performance. In late spring 2016, the first live server was updated successfully and in December 2016 the remaining live servers were updated. 

While this update may not be interesting to many, the Smallbox team is excited the upgrades are complete. It was a significant undertaking to ensure a smooth transition and no service interruptions or issues for client websites built in Smallbox CMS. It was a necessary and important update for performance primarily and future readiness.