Smallbox services

Delivering results since '99, Smallbox has the technology, people and passion to make your project stand out.

Why Smallbox?

One of the things that sets Smallbox apart is the breadth of integrated offerings available developed in-house. We develop and deliver, not just the latter. This means that you, and your end consumers, have a fully integrated experience across all platforms and devices. This saves you time and money while providing a compelling user experience that creates loyalty and engagement.

Whether you are looking for a React-based web application, an engaging member community or stand-out promotional site for your business; Smallbox can deliver.

Engage your users

Picture this… you want to engage registrants who completed your newsletter form within the last 60 days, have a particular interest area (asked on the form), and are in a specific area of town (based on postal code). Set your query, run and save the search, and then hop over to your Smallbox newsletter. From here you use the efficient “search, select and share” functionality to draw in a few articles, the latest blog post and feature the new board member. These are automatically formatted into the newsletter layout with reference links back to your site. Send yourself a test and if that looks good then send it out to your saved search. If you have Smallbox Chat you can use this same search to send a broadcast text message.

Connected services

Our connected offerings and end-to-end service set Smallbox apart from the competition.

Smallbox develops and delivers solutions which:

  • allow for a sophisticated understanding of the whole product ecosystem
  • connects offerings like Newsletter, text and chat into a unified system and shared codebase
  • allow for connected insights and centralized reporting across channels
  • provide a consistent user and administrative experience
  • create code efficiencies ensuring fast load times
  • ensure good information flow and data integrity

Attention to manager experience

The Smallbox content management interface includes set field structures to maintain visual consistency by enforcing styling rules. Your website will maintain the established look, feel and flow set on delivery.

Smallbox CMS advantages include:

  • A robust and intuitive set of modules to effectively and efficiently deliver content
  • A purpose built software with a continual development cycle
  • An integrated file and image management system with drag-and-drop functionality
  • A modern editing interface that keeps you connected with your content through inline editing
  • An unlimited number of pages from which you can assign established layouts
  • Auto-generated XML sitemaps
  • Open Graph, Analytics and Tag Manager integration
  • Use of the picture element for delivering optimized images
  • Outstanding Google speed scores on desktop and mobile.

More than a website

Smallbox will deliver more than a website. We will deliver results. Smallbox will do this by developing a solution that simplifies your process, engages your user base and drives efficiencies.

See how our experience, passion and process can make the difference on your next project.