Smallbox designs and develops web strategies that build businesses. We are a creative team of web and mobile specialists who craft beautiful, smart and enduring solutions that meet your organization's needs, now and into the future.


Your site not only needs to look great, it must feel good to use - for the end-user and for the site administrator. Our process gets you there: from initial concept to marketing and great experiences.

  • Discover

    Dialogue is key to understanding your needs. You know your business. We know the web. Let’s talk.

  • Design

    Good UX (user experience) leads to great design. Whether leading or collaborating Smallbox adds value to the design process.

  • Develop

    We know our code inside and out. We know what tools work best to communicate your needs, and we can customize as required.

  • Deliver

    Deliver success. Deliver results. Deliver passion. Smallbox delivers it all. Let’s develop something extraordinary.


Smallbox is a team of industry leading programmers, strategic thinkers, innovative designers and front-end developers dedicated to making your project a success. Here are just a few reasons to work with the Smallbox team:
  • We develop artful and innovative web solutions.
  • We have the best of technology in our own CMS.
  • We are detail-oriented.
  • We collaborate to choose the right tools for your project.
  • We KNOW code, not just use it.
  • We offer caring, personalized support.
  • We are an experienced, well-practiced team.


We deliver end-to-end solutions to keep your project connected and coherent. Maintaining a unified technology base ensures good information flow while maintaining visual consistency and data integrity.

  • Planning + Strategy

    Goals, site architecture, positioning and PM
  • Web development

    Programming, CMS, HTML, CSS, integration
  • Web design

    Intuitive, engaging and purposeful
  • Marketing + SEO

    SEO, AdWords, A/B testing, Social and more.
  • App Development

    Web and mobile app development


Smallbox makes it easy. Our software is intuitive, consistent and comprehensive. Our administrative screens have the same attention to detail that we put into your forward-facing website or application.

  • Smallbox CMS

    Intuitive, connected and powerful
  • eNewsletters

    Integrate email marketing directly into your website.
  • Text Programs

    Easy to manage text programs. 123456 shortcode.
  • Member Management

    Full service member management solutions


Smallbox was our partner in the true sense of the word, bringing lots of ideas and solutions to the table and executing on time and on budget. The Smallbox team is a pleasure to work with always, and very customer-focused.

Susan Richardson
Principal Shift Strategy + Design

I do find that Smallbox CMS works really well for us. We have a sophisticated-looking site that functions well for our patrons, and I’m able to do so much with it on my own. And the customer service is always excellent!

Haanita Seval
Marketing Director Prairie Theatre Exchange

Our Clients + Partners

We lead and collaborate

Yes, we provide end-to-end web development services, but we also collaborate with other great firms to bring their client's projects to life.